About Yestergame

Our intention with the site is two-fold:


The site is collaborative, which in our case means that when you carry out certain actions, you will receive reputation points. The more reputation points you have, the more trusted you will be, and you will be able to carry out a greater range of actions. Our library is extensive, but we need assistance to make it high quality. We have a lot of games with release dates, but our database of creators is a mess, our game to genre mappings lacking, and most of our games do not have synopses or images.

We plan to make the majority of user submitted community content (such as game synopses) freely available under a CC BY-SA 4 licence, though we cannot make screenshots or other game media available as we do not own those rights. Reviews will be controlled by their authors and are not considered community content.

Eventually, once you pass the threshold (currently undecided), you will be eligible to become a moderator.

While actions give reputation, they should be positive actions. Anything reported to moderators which results in action being taken will incur a reputation penalty depending on the severity. Repeated violations will result in your reputation being locked or your account being banned.

What constitutes Classic Gaming?

Our definition of classic gaming is anything released at any time on platforms which are no longer officially alive or supported. Third party re-creations of platforms do not count as the platform being alive. This means new games released on old unsupported platforms will be eligible for inclusion in our archive.

For platforms which are alive (Microsoft Windows, for example), we do not list games newer than 5 years old.

Beta Status

The site is currently in beta testing which means that you may encounter problems. If you do, please report them.

If you have suggestions, please submit those on the roadmap.

Broad Plans

Separate to the roadmap, the plan is to introduce more and more collaboration:


If you want to support our efforts, please consider making a one-off or regular pledge.