Reputation Guide

Beta Notice - this site is still in active development. The information on this page may be incomplete or may change without warning.

Yestergame is a community which encourages its members to get involved in maintaining, adding and improving content. Most actions you can carry out on the site give you reputation which in turn gives you the ability to carry out more actions. Once you have sufficient reputation, it is possible to apply to become a moderator.

The following table illustrates actions which generate reputation and, if appropriate, how much reputation you must have to carry out that action.

Action Required Reputation Gives Reputation
Shelve Game 0 +1
Rated Game 0 +1
Assign Genre 0 +1
Create Genre 50 +1
Create Content 50 +5
Minor Content Edit 50 +1
Content Edit 75 +2
Write Review 100 +5
Upload Media 100 +2
Edit Genre 100 +1
Upload Game Image 150 +1
Create Game 250 +10
Link to External Media 250 +1
Edited Game 500 +5
Revert Content 1500 +2
Delete Genre 1500 +1